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Welcome to LaDarrin’s Fragrances / Over 1600 scents! Thanks so much for stopping through! Please take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING!, FREE SHIPPING!, FREE SHIPPING!,FREE SHIPPING! On All orders $18.75 – PLUS, because of the recent issues we will keep you up on the newest scents by adding one FREE! sample with every order!!!! We carry ONLY Grade A top quality perfume/cologne oils. We have never been known as “The cheapest” option but one of the best. We pay for premuim. That’s less profit but we get repeat customers, the scents last all day and people receive constant compliments. We are literaly experts in oils. These are not side items to make extra money. This is what we specialize in for 27 yrs.We appreciate your business. All of our fragrances are not listed. If you do not see it e-mail us & we will add it.

Disclaimer: All designer fragrances TYPE are registered trademark names and are exclusive property of original manufacturer.

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